Sizes and Styles

The most common question we're asked is "Which is the best style for me?". It's a tough one for an online store to answer. If you were able to try a pair on you'd see straight away which cut worked for your body type. 

The three core cuts are all fairly similar, but use different patterns and fabric for a great fit. 

In our first year we only had Sluggers Classics. They were built to my specification because I literally couldn't find a pair of swimmers I liked. Since I was the fit model - the sample size was a Large. 

We were stoked! After about four tries we felt like we'd cracked the perfect pattern. And for lots of customers with round bums the Classics are spot on. The lining at the front meant they were really comfortable, and the way the fabric draped on the sides gave an old school vibe whilst maintaining the advantage of modern fabrics. 

Trouble was - we quickly discovered the chlorine resistant fabric we had chosen required the fit to be a bit too precise.

The design was a bit edgy, and because there was no stretch they weren't skin tight to allow fabric movement as you walked, ran, and basically did all the stuff you do in a pair of Sluggers.

Because there's no elastane the Classics needed your body to really fill them out. They didn't stretch to fit like a traditional swimsuit. They needed your help to fill them out!  

Basically - if you didn't fill out the seat, they didn't look great. The feedback from our customers was that the front felt amazing, but sometimes there was too much fabric in the back. 

And that's how the Sluggers Racerbacks were born. 

They're the same basic pattern, but a little shorter in length and less fabric in the back. From the front - they look identical to the Classics. From the back you'll notice a slightly different shape, but the same great fit. 

And then there was more feedback. 

Fellas were liking the feel of the Classics and Racerbacks, but there was a customer that wanted a more traditional snug fitting swimsuit. Something with lycra and a little wider at the sides. 

We adapted the patterns to create something that would literally work for every body type, and we called them DEETEES - which is a polite way of saying Dick Togs. 

The cut of the DEETEES works for most bum shapes, and the stretch of the fabric means that you can be between sizes and they'll still work. 

You can push the waist down a little if that's your thing, or drop a size for something low and tight. 

DEETEES are a great all rounder, and look especially great on taller guys with their 7cm side width. 

So when we're asked which style is right we always say the same thing:

If you have a round or big bum - go for the Classics or DEETEES. 

If you have a flat bum or "no arse" - go for the Racerback or DEETEES. 

DEETEES are a safer option, and the slightly wider sides make them perfect for the beach. When I go to a water park with my kids I wear DEETEES. When I am at the beach or hanging by the pool at home I might wear Classics or DEETEES depending on how I am feeling. 

Classics and Racerbacks are great for lap swimmers and anyone planning to spend a lot of time in chlorine. They're guaranteed not to lose their shape in chlorine. 

You can always try two styles and send back the pair that don't work. We get a lot of that and it's all good. 

We're confident that you'll be able to find a perfect fit out of the three core styles, and with our other fun styles such as the Sunga and our yet to be released (or even named) lycra brief we have you covered for every possibility except "Clothing Optional".