Workout like Will


WORKING as a personal trainer means Will is in the gym pretty much every day.

He prides himself in what he calls his “real man’s body”.

“I do fitness shows once or twice a year so I do lean out quite a bit and I do put in quite a bit of work in regards to three training sessions a day and calorie count and macro count and all that kind of stuff,” he explained.

“But then after my shows, I just enjoy my food so I kind of blow out and I’ll get like 14 kilos after my show. You’ll see in my (social media) photos I will go from like really lean to just kind of filled out and back to the dad bod guy thing.”

He added: “It gets easier each time because every time I do it I know my body and know the routine and I got down to about six per cent from 14 without doing any cardio, just purely diet.”

Being in peak personal shape is a huge part of Will’s approach when it comes to his clients.

And it isn’t just working out that counts. Will believes diet plays a big role in a person’s physical and mental health.

“If they want to lose weight, I always tell them to do weights first and then do cardio after your weight session, not the other way around,” he said. “The main thing is diet. I can put people on diet plans where they are complaining that they are eating too much food and they will still drop two, three, four per cent in the first month or two.”

While Will looks his best, he believes it is important to give your body a break.

He also called out those on social media that perpetuate a negatively unobtainable body through sharing images of themselves that aren’t necessarily reflected in real life.

“(The biggest myth is) that people can stay at that athletically lean, shredded look all year round,” he said. “It is impossible without taking illegal supplements and all that kind of stuff. On Instagram, they will always post pictures of them lean but they will probably take about a thousand photos of themselves and post them all year round. When they bulk up and get fat, they will still post photos from when they were lean.”