Classics - Koi Print - Limited Run Red (Discontinued)

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Oddballs are Sluggers that we've designed and sampled but haven't put into production.

Koi often symbolizes a person’s aspirations to improve themselves. 

We think the Koi really represents Sluggers and the kind of bloke that wears them. 

The blue version came out so well, so we decided to try it out for a limited run in red. 

5cm side width. Elastic support on legs and waist. Draw string front. Chlorine resistant. 

Wear them just under your hips. Tight at the back - loose at the front.

Signature lining creates a comfy pouch at the front of your swimmers without visible seams. Designed to give your boys room to relax. 

Classic Sluggers have a generous seat. If you have a flat bum - go down a waist size. If you are between sizes - use the lowest size as a reference. 

CLICK HERE for our size and fit guide. 

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I love these red koi oddballs. Great color. For sizing, definitely follow the advice that if you're uncertain of your size, go down a size. I measured myself with a tailor ruler, and my waist is exactly 34 inches. Based on that I assumed I was a medium. But I ordered a small because I thought I might be between sizes, and it fit perfectly. The the seat in the classics is definitely generous, so unless you have a sizable bum (mine is fairly sizable for my frame), go with the smaller size. For comparison, in other swimwear like N2NBodyWear and Pistol Pete, I wear a medium.