Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. We are trying to build a collection of different cuts so that every type of bloke can have a great fitting pair of Sluggers. 

Because we want your Sluggers to hold their shape, we haven't put any elastic in the fabric. This will stop your bum sagging when you get out of the pool, and hopefully put an end to blokes pulling their cossies up to their belly button in an effort to defy gravity. 

We have based our sizing on waist size, but that doesn't take into account three body parts that can make a huge impact on the fit of your Sluggers! 

If in doubt - go down a size. 

Everyone likes a good chart: 


Remember, we have a bullet proof return policy. Some guys buy a couple of sizes and return or exchange the ones that don't work. It's all good. 

DEETEES are a good 'one cut fits all". They're made with a lycra style fabric, so they're good and snug all over.

Racerbacks and Classics aren't made from stretchy material, so you need to get the right cut for your shape.

If you know you have a big arse - grab some Classics.

If everyone tells you you have no arse - try some Racerbacks or go down a whole waist size in Classics.

If you have a great arse that you feel the world needs to see, slap, and gaze at in wonder - hook yourself up with a pair of Racerbacks in your regular waist size.

The SUNGA cut is fun. Wide sides and lycra. Scrunch the sides together and play around with them to get the look you want - just like the fellas do on the beaches of Brazil. 

Remember to always try your Sluggers on over clean underwear the first time, and send them back for a refund or exchange if they don't fit. 



How to wear your Sluggers

So here's the drill - the top of your Sluggers should sit across the widest part of your hips. Low enough to look awesome and high enough so that you don't get Plumber's Crack.

They should be snug enugh across the back to hold the shape of your bum. There's a little extra fabric there so you can walk and bend over without popping out.

The front is designed to be a bit loose and drape a little at the sides. 



These are cut with some extra room in the seat.

Choose CLASSICS if you feel like you're always pulling your swimmers out of your bum. Perfect for a solid bloke or a fella with a round butt.  



We've cut these a little lower - they're about 1cm lower than the CLASSICS. This means the waist band sits about a centimetre lower on your body than the waist band on the CLASSICS.

We've also changed the shape of the seat, so there's less fabric than the CLASSICS. If swimmers are normally baggy around your butt - this cut's for you. If you like to show a little more cheek - then these are the Sluggers for you.

It's a subtle difference on the rack - but a massive difference when you put them on. Perfect for leaner guys, and guys with leaner or flatter butts (or maybe just for guys that want to show off a little).


These are wider at the sides - 7cm compared to 5cm on the Classics and Racerbacks.

DEETEES aren't called Dick Togs for nuthin' - made from lycra, they aren't loose at the front like Classics and Racerbacks. Still comfy, the lightweight fabric is lined in front with printed lycra so even though they're tight there's still a bit of mystery. They feel great on. 

Because the DEETEES have some stretch they aren't as chlorine proof as Classics and Racerbacks. Make sure you rinse them out after a swim in a heavily chlorinated pool or spa.  



These are wider on the side and fun to wear. True to waist size and made with lycra - these will hug to your body for a snug fit. They look great worn straight across the hips with the sides at their widest - but once you throw them on you can tighten up the waist and scrunch the sides together to acheive a sportier look.  

The Sunga is fully lined and doesn't feature our signature cut lining. 



 These have been designed to look like our adult men's Aussie swimmers - without the internal lining. 

They're also designed to wear without a nappy underneath. We've added a little more stretch to the Little Sluggers waist to help get some 'extra wear' as your Little Man grows. Generally, we recommend going with age as a guide. The Little Sluggers are true to size, and unless your Little Man has had a major growth spurt he'll probably fit the size in his age range. 

Our 5 year old is happy in his Size 4, and you can see him in all of the pics on the site.