We now do an XXL in a selection of our most popular DEETEES prints. This is a 38-40 waist. Shop by size using the filter to see what we have in stock. 

Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. We are trying to build a collection of different cuts so that every type of bloke can have a great fitting pair of Sluggers. 

To make them easier to buy online we have based our sizing on underwear sizes - so an easy way to pick your size is to match your undie size and then choose the cut that's right for your body type

Classics - these have a generous seat. Perfect for round bums / rugby build. 

Racerbacks - these are for flatter bums / leaner builds. 

Classics and Racerbacks don't any elastic in the fabric and are incredibly chlorine resistant.

This will stop your bum sagging when you get out of the pool, but you need to get the fit right for your body type.  

DEETEES - wider at the sides and a tighter fit. Suits all body types.  

Sunga - super wide sides. 

Little Sluggers - use your Little Slugger's age as a guide. These are designed to be worn without a nappy. 

If you're a Medium in Bonds or Calvins - you're probably a medium in Sluggers. 

We have based our sizing on waist size, but that doesn't take into account three body parts that can make a huge impact on the fit of your Sluggers!  

Remember, we have a bullet proof return policy. Some guys buy a couple of sizes and return or exchange the ones that don't work. It's all good. 


Remember to always try your Sluggers on over clean underwear the first time, and send them back for a refund or exchange if they don't fit.