Sluggers Content Lab

Do you wanna rock a pair of Sluggers for us on Instagram? 

We get a LOT of requests to be a Sluggers 'Influencer'. 

Although we prefer the authenticity of customer posts, we understand that there's a lot of people out there who make a living by testing and posting about goods and services.

We have decided to open up an 'Influencer' style program.

We're calling it the Content Lab. 

It's not about how many followers you have. It's about getting fellas around the world to provide us some content that will suit our feed. We're looking for anything fit blokes taking photos on their phones to funny bastards setting up shots that make us laugh. 

Photographers, travellers, models, influencers, punters. Whatever you call yourself - if you want to make content for us now is the time to let us know. We have never posted a studio shot. We like to get outdoors and get dirty, sandy, or wet. 

We would expect content featuring our gear and non competitive products only: 

On your feed - 

  • At least one tagged image.
  • At least one tagged story.

For our feed - 

  • At least 6 shots or pieces of content.
  • At least two video stories (can use the Insta filters)
  • Help with captions. 
  • We'll send you some gear and work with you so that we schedule posts around the same time. 
  • We'll tag you. 



Check out our feed. You'll get an idea of the kinds of things that work for us. We don't post bathroom selfies. You're gonna need to take yourself to the next level. We like to present content in sixes and nines. So a burst of content on a theme - model, print or location - will give us a grid of 6 or 9 posts. We occasionally do a vertical extension on an image to give a close up view of the swimwear. 


Work out what you want in return. You get to keep the swimwear. You might want to be paid. You might just want the exposure to build your audience. It might just be fun. 

Big tip - ask for what you want - don't make us ask. The very few Influencers that we have worked with have all been up front and kept it easy.  


Fill out this form. Tell us your Name, Instagram handle and what you want the Content Lab deal to be for you. If we're keen - we'll get back to you.