We've redesigned our Sluggers from the inside out! Concentrating on comfort and then fit, we've designed a range that looks and feels different to other men's Aussie swimmers. We knew we got it right when we tried on the first pair and they felt great.

To start - our fabric is really soft.

We've played around with the tension on the elastic and made the legs easy to wear, so they're great for the gym and then straight into the pool.

And we've put a soft elastic and draw string around the waist so they fit you snug without cutting in to your sides. 

But most importantly, we've done something a little left of field with the front lining. And yes - it looks different. But it feels different too. It feels great!  

It means your boys have plenty of room to relax, and  leaves you with a bit more space to let your body go where it needs to. 

Finally, our Sluggers are designed to sit across the widest part of your hips - and if you're feeling a bit adventurous you can sling them a bit lower at the draw string.

Basically - our men's swimwear is comfy, because they're designed to be worn how you want to wear them.

Because let's face it - men wear sluggers.  


Yep - the front is meant to be like that! 

Wearing your Sluggers on your hips lengthens your body and accentuates the hips and the abdominal area. 

An added side effect of this is bunching of the fabric at the front. 

Our unique half-bind lining accentuates this. 

When worn correctly our men's bathers won't flatten you out in front or give that 'budgy smuggling' look swimming trunks are renound for. 

The lining in the front only goes half way down to achieve this effect.