Sluggers Swimwear - COVID-19 Updates


UK and USA services are slow but have not stopped. Express is still working and Standard Mail is taking around a month to arrive.

Canada have stopped Express completely and all mail from Australia to Canada is being sent via Sea Mail. Expect a delivery window of 40-60 working days.

If you are in Europe the standard mail is being sent via Sea Mail and can take up to 40-60 business days. Express is the best option for you as they are telling us it will take around 20 business days.

Mail services to Japan have been cancelled.

For the latest updates for your country please click HERE.


Enhanced tracking notifications
We're enhancing our tracking notifications to give you greater visibility around your parcels. Previously, our tracking featured a notification informing customers that their parcel had been scanned at the gateway and was ready for international dispatch. Due to limited flight capacity, parcels were not always loaded onto an aircraft soon after this scan. To provide better information we've introduced a new notification, which reads: "Cleared and awaiting international departure, Melbourne VIC."

Over the coming weeks, we'll be introducing three new scanning events to our tracking system which will provide even further clarity around the current status of the item in transit, as well as assurance that the parcel has reached its intended destination. The new notifications include:

  • Received by air carrier for international departure
  • Delayed – transferring to sea carrier for international departure
  • Item arrived at Destination Country

As a reminder, for all the latest information about international service delivery delays and impacts, please visit

Our team members in our processing and delivery facilities, Post Offices and contact centre are doing their best during these difficult times so please show them a little understanding.


Please don't worry about the 30 day return window during the COVID-19 lock downs.

Please hold off on sending any qualifying returns until it's safe to do so.

We will honour the return of any full price Sluggers sold in March and April and completely understand that they may come back to us within 60 days or even more. We are all in this together.

Be kind to each other and stay safe. :)



Australia Post is experiencing international delivery delays due to the coronavirus COVID19.

Update May 1 - Parcels sent at the start of the pandemic in early April have started arriving in Thailand and the United States.

Australia Post is working with partner airlines and other postal operators to move items as quickly as possible. However, due to the ever-changing situation, delays may occur in all destination countries.

Currently there are known delivery service delays to and from many countries.

Usual delivery times are 10 - 15 working days. Expect that to double. Express is being given priority for International Parcels, but do not expect it to arrive in Express time.

We are processing parcels as normal. There are fewer planes in the sky to deliver and fewer staff at processing points.

Right now we can SEND but the delivery times WILL be longer. Definitely longer to the United States.

You can read more HERE.