Hey Victoria!

Lockdown surely sucks, and we're all thinking about you guys as you make such a big sacrifice to help stamp out COVID-19 in Australia. 

Lockdown is so bloody difficult. I’m hoping that playing around with this bandana might fill in an hour or so and maybe even land a smile on your face. 

Hang in there :)



  • Fold to make a big triangle.
  • Fold the point up to the centre, and then down onto itself.
  • Fold in half lengthwise, and then in half again.
  • Lay the front centre just under your hairline and tie at the back with two knots.  


  • Fold to make a big triangle.
  • Roll tightly from the point towards the long edge.
  • Place the roll on the back of your neck and make a loose knot at the top of your rib cage.
  • Tie another loose knot below that (You don't want a reef knot)


  • Fold to make a big triangle.
  • Fold in half from bottom to top. Then again. Then again.
  • Take one end between your thumb and forefinger. Wrap across your palm then three or four times around your wrist. Keep it flat.
  • You should end up with the other end reaching to touch the end between your finger and thumb.
  • Cross these over and tie then tuck in the ends.