Look After Your Lycra

Our Classics and Racerback cuts are chlorine proof. Not just chlorine resistant - they're like Water Warriors and will last for season after season in the harshest chlorine before the elastic in the legs and waist may start to deteriorate. That's how we can make the promise to swim all Summer long with no saggy bum!

The DEETEES are a slightly different story.

They are made with a mix of Polyester and an incredibly chlorine resistant Lycra. It's without doubt the best chlorine resistant fabric we could find - and we looked hard!

DEETEES will retain their shape, but they need a little more care. Believe it or not, the pool chemicals aren't their biggest enemy. It's how you wash them.

You don't need to wash your DEETEES after every swim, but if you're wearing them to the gym or all day between swims you're going to need to throw them in the wash at some point.

The best way to wash them is by hand in the shower with some natural soap. Lather up and rinse.

If you have to put them in the machine, remember these three easy steps:

1. Always use a wash bag. Pick up one of these cool little string bags at the supermarket and put your DEETEES inside. This will protect them from getting snagged on the washer or on your other clothes.

2. Check your detergent. Heaps of detergents use chlorine bleach - steer clear of it. Grab some that uses the word 'delicate' somewhere on the box, or just go easy on the suds. If your DEETEES are extra stinky add a few lugs of vinegar into the fabric softener slot. Don't use fabric softener.

3. Use the delicate cycle. Much like you, your DEETEES don't like water above 30 degrees.

To get them dry just lay them over the clothes line in the shade or just hang them from your tap. Hours in the sun will fry them like an egg.

Look after your DEETEES and they will last you more than a season in the pool and years at the beach or mowing the lawn!