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Sluggers Swimwear Reviews

When you Google Sluggers Swimwear one of the first suggestions that comes up is 'Reviews'. No matter what we say about size or fit or our bullet proof refund policy - some fellas just want to see another man that looks like them wearing a pair.  I get that. It's why I like reviews so much. Here are the best places to read and share reviews of Sluggers Swimwear. 

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Look After Your Lycra

Our Classics and Racerback cuts are chlorine proof. Not just chlorine resistant - they're like Water Warriors and will last for season after season in the harshest chlorine before the elastic in the legs and waist may start to deteriorate. That's how we can make the promise to swim all Summer long with no saggy bum! The DEETEES are a slightly different story. They are made with a mix of Polyester and an incredibly chlorine resistant Lycra. It's without doubt the best chlorine resistant fabric we could find - and we looked hard! DEETEES will retain their shape, but they need a little more care. Believe it or not, the pool chemicals aren't their biggest enemy. It's how you wash...

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