Ben's Fitness and Nutrition Plan


Sticking to a strict diet and exercise regime keeps Sluggers Swimwear Model, Ben feeling his best.

“My weekly fitness routine, I usually get up and walk in the morning, 10 to 15kms usually,” he declares. “That is usually how I start the morning.”

After work, Ben goes to the gym. He also plays local rugby league and American football (gridiron), which keeps him busy all year round.

“I train every day,” he said. “The goal is to go every day but if something is more important, I miss it. That is how I do gym, no days off.”

Boxing is also a big part of Ben’s weekly fitness routine.

“It is a full routine or it is a complete mess,” he laughed.

Food though is the most important part of Ben’s healthy living plan. And a big part of that is fasting.

Daily, his first meal is at 12.30pm while his last bite is at around 8.30pm.

“I eat inside that eight hours,” he explained. “I eat 200 grams of meat for protein with greens every two hours.”

For the first meal, Ben will eat his chicken with a shake on the side.

“Then the leftovers from that I put in a container and eat for the next one,” he said.

“My next meal after that is two hours later and that will be either a protein bar or a couple of tuna cans, always weighing at 200 grams. Two hours after that I have my salmon for dinner. That is what I eat most days.”