We get lots of blokes DM'ing us and asking to get featured on our Instagram Feed. 

If you're in a hurry just read the bold bits. 

Firstly - and most importantly - almost all of the photos we choose to feature are either our own models or actual customers. 

We really dig the authenticity of that. We like to be authentic. Don't chase us for free stuff in exchange for a photo on your feed. It's not something we do. We tried it when we started out and it's a mug's game. (Note to other swimwear designers - if you want a feed filled with blokes wearing your gear with their thumbs in the waistband and more oil than a greek salad you should send freebies to 'Influencers').

Secondly - make it interesting. We look for images of healthy men doing something interesting - or even just standing somewhere interesting in their Sluggers. 

Smiles will always get our attention. Creativity will always make us want to give you a go. Over the shoulder selfies and images where you can't really see the swimwear are also less likely to get posted.

Be a good bloke. We don't just look at the photo you tag us in, we check out your feed to make sure you're not a complete douche. 

Finally - It's not about the rig! We aren't looking for six packs. We aren't only about blokes with big muscles. One of our most liked shots is taken underwater with two blokes from the waist down then spun 180 degrees. 

Instagram is a fickle beast. She wants us to be creative and she pretends to hate skin - but deep down her algorithm loves to promote a big rig. Don't let her get you down. 


Remember - it's not about how many likes you get. It's about getting out there. When I was featured on Dilfs of Disneyworld (it's a thing) I was stoked. My photo might have one of the lowest likes on their feed but it was pretty cool telling my mates about being there, and they generously paid me the disrespect I deserved for showing off about it. Good times! 

If in doubt just copy the kind of photos we post by other customers.

So please get out there. Shoot us. Tag us. Stay awesome. We love seeing the crazy places our Sluggers have landed. Keep it up. 


Make sure you tag us with @menwearsluggers - the hashtags don't always come up and we get hashtagged in some weird shit.  

We can't see you if you're private but you can slide us a photo. If you're private send it to us in a DM - ain't no shame in asking. 

How NOT to land on our feed:

There's no hard and fast rules, but generally it'll be a definite no if: 

- You aren't wearing our product.

- There's other guys in the shot not wearing our product. 

- You're trying to be 'sexy'.

- It's a super close selfie. 

- You're doing something that might raise a flag with the Instagram Guidelines. 


Featured pic by the incredible Lucas Murnaghan.