When our designer, Ad Butler was looking for new swimmers he must’ve bought fifteen pairs and didn’t love any of them. They were either too low, too tight, too bright or bad quality.
All he wanted was a good fit with a fun print at a reasonable price.
Then one day one of his mates suggested he get a hobby, because his work was seasonal and he ‘went a bit dark’ when he slowed down.
And that’s how Sluggers Swimwear was born.
Twelve months later the brand launched with a range of solid colours in chlorine resistant material. They were the perfect fit for Ad, but feedback from customers was that it was either too snug, too loose or just right. He quickly realised that when you’re down to three bits of fabric and a string you need a few tweaks for different body shapes.
The following Summer Sluggers Swimwear released three cuts - The Classics, Racerbacks and DEETEES. Not long after we added Little Sluggers and our take on the Sunga cut. Even Goldilocks was happy.
There was a cut that was just right for every body type.
Using incredible chlorine proof fabrics coupled with high quality inks and designs, Sluggers Swimwear is hand made in Sydney and built to last.
Ad is still sporting a pair of Hokusurf Classics from 2015 and his hobby has become a full time occupation.